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Yuhang Song


Focusing on machine learning and related applications

I'm an undergraduate student from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA). I am quite excited about what I am researching now, which mainly involves machine learning (specifically, reinforcement learning) and related applications (especially on computer vision).

See my Github page for more about my research.

iDrone: A Modular Reconfigurable Drone System | As 1st author.

I spent two years focusing on this project, from innovating the original idea to designing the basic model. Eventually, I built a team of 10 members from diverse backgrounds which we worked together through the project. Although we decided not to accept venture investment from a few companies, yet it represents the outstanding level of our product. Really cool staff, you have to see it!

MFR: A Somatosensory Equipment Towards Better Gaming Experience | As 1st author.

Move For Real: a really cool project aiming at developing more natural human-computer interface for first-person shooter game. I spend my freshman year in this project. Check it out!

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